Dance Sweet Freedom

               Gabrielle Roth's 5 Rhythms® Dance

                   with Angela Lord


 5 Rhyt​hms® is for anyone who wants to dance!  It's a simple, enjoyable, and potentially life-changing movement practice that anyone can do.  No matter your age, size, shape, level of fitness, or experience of dance, you are welcome in this practice.  

Current Classes & Workshops with Angela

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I'm currently offering a 3 hour In Person class, once a month, on a Saturday afternoon, and a 1 hour Online class, once a month, on a Wednesday evening.  Full details of both are below.

"Step into the Rhythms": In Person Class


Who?  for beginners and experienced 5 Rhythms® dancers alike

When?  Saturday 15 January,  12 February, 19 March, 9 April 14 May,  2.30 - 5.30 pm, dependent on any government regulations at the time

Where?  The YAMA (Yoga & Movement Arts) Studio, 7 Milnbank Street, Glasgow G31 3AQ

Prices:  £18 (full price); £15 (low wage); £12 (concession)

You need:  to book and pay in advance by BACS unless otherwise negotiated with me (no drop-in); to confirm that you agree to Our Common Commitment (see below),  including to take a Lateral Flow Test on the morning of the class and withdraw if you test positive

Our Common Commitment

what I & all those who dan​ce in person with me in Scotland agree to do to help keep us all as safe as possible 

Mitigations & Safety Instructions

  • All practical steps will be taken to minimise risks for all participants, including:
  • touch points will be sanitised before each class
  • hand sanitiser will be available in the room
  • sufficient windows will be open to ensure good ventilation at all times
  • masks will be worn at entry and exit, on stairs and in the changing room (but wearing a mask on the dance floor or in the toilets is not required)
  • numbers will be limited to allow physical distancing; the maximum permitted number to be at my discretion and may vary from class to class depending on circumstances, but will always be within the maximum permitted by the appropriate government regulations at the time, and/or those laid down by the venue manager
  • all participants, including the teacher, will undertake a Lateral Flow Test no more than 6 hours before the start of the class (proof of a negative test may be required). If you test positive, you will immediately notify me and withdraw from the class. Your payment will be refunded in full. (Please note, if you test positive, you should notify NHS Inform; current Scottish government regulations also require that you take a PCR test and self isolate for 10 days)
  • all participants will bring their own re-usable water bottle and a large bag in which to put all their possessions, to be stored, distanced, in the changing room during class
  • participants will be reminded of the importance of physical distancing, and good hand/sneeze/cough hygiene at the beginning, and if necessary during, the class

These precautions notwithstanding, you do the class at your own risk.


  • unless special arrangements are made, payments will be by BACS
  • payments will be accepted until the maximum permitted number in the class is reached or until 24 hours before the class is due to start, whichever is the earlier
  • places will normally be allocated on a first come, first served basis in terms of when payment is received. Any payments that miss the deadline will be refunded
  • if I cancel the class for any reason, all payment will be refunded
  • if you have to cancel because you have tested positive for COVID, your payment will be refunded (proof of a positive test may be required)
  • in all other circumstances payments are non-refundable, subject to my absolute discretion 

"Staying Connected": Online Class (under the auspices of In The Moment Online, 72 Berkeley Street, Glasgow)

Who? for anyone who wants to dance the Rhythms

When? Wednesday 26 January, 23 February, 30 March, 27 April, 25 May 7.00 - 8.15 pm

How? via Zoom

Price: £5 payable by BACS unless otherwise negotiated with me

You need: Internet access, a device with a microphone and a camera, and any version of Zoom

Other Classes: from time to time I teach elsewhere, including in Edinburgh and the Lake District. My next class in the Lake District:  Friday 20 May (evening)

To book on any of my classes or workshops, or for further information, email [email protected]