Dance Sweet Freedom

               Gabrielle Roth's 5 Rhythms® Dance

                   with Angela Lord

The Invitation...

from Angela

I remember the day I fell in love with the Rhythms

Beginning to recover from years of ill health, I walked one October afternoon into a room full of dancing bodies, each moving in myriad, magical ways I could never hope to emulate

I was awe-struck.... I was hooked

Not by the wonderful teacher (she was and is); not by the amazing music (it was and is). By a vision of freedom

I'd found 5 Rhythms®. A deceptively simple physical practice, open to all, no matter their age, size or level of fitness 

A deceptively simple practice, that engaged every part of me: not just my whole, aching body, but my angry, broken heart, my confused and rigid mind, my yearning soul, and the wild places of my spirit

A deceptively simple physical practice, that invited me to explore, enticed me to experiment, encouraged me to experience....and gently, gently, brought me to my edge....again....and again....and again

What excited me then excites me still

Free to move, free to dance. free to love, free to hate, free to rage, free to laugh, free to touch, free to cry, free to create, free to destroy.....

Free to feel unsafe, to feel like a fool, to feel scared, to feel scary... to BE unsafe, a fool, scared, and scary...

Free to feel....

Free to dream....

Free to be  -  fully -  human

This is the practice I have been called to teach

This is the invitation ....