Dance Sweet Freedom

               Gabrielle Roth's 5 Rhythms® Dance

                   with Angela Lord

Before Your First Class....

... some practical information it might be helpful to know 

  • wear thin layers of comfortable clothes that let you move easily
  • dance either barefoot or in soft-soled, non-marking dance shoes. It is UNSAFE to do this practice in socks (unless they have "gripper" soles), or in shoes with heels.  Avoid sharp/heavy jewellery, & chewing gum
  • bring a bottle of water to drink - ideally one you will re-use
  • when you first arrive, don't wait for the teacher to start speaking: just start moving to the music and getting warmed up in whatever way works best for you -  for example, stretching out, walking round, dancing gently
  • don't worry about feeling self-conscious: most people are focused on their own dance rather than you, so just relax and enjoy yourself
  • the teacher may invite the class to move in different ways, which may feel exciting and fun, or uncomfortable and challenging, or all of those things.  Try just to accept whatever you feel: remember it's an invitation, not a command, and keep dancing. When you move with what you're feeling, you'll find the feeling changes anyway
  • other people may dance in ways that seem strange: they may be loud and in your face, or very inward, or intimate. Again, just notice, and accept, how you feel. You can usually choose to move away from someone, to stay in your own space, or to move towards someone different. Do respect yourself and your own boundaries and process, and give the same respect to others
  • it's a good idea to keep your eyes open, unless the teacher tells you to close them
  • do chat to other dancers after class: most people are very happy to talk about the dance, especially if you are willing to ask them about their experience, and speak about your own. I am also available for a short time at the end of class if there's anything you want to ask
  • there is no right or wrong way to do this practice (apart from giving up!) BUT....
  • the more we practise, the more we discover and the deeper we can go
  • with time and practice, our dance changes and grows, and so do we

And for further information about classes or workshops, or about the Rhythms generally:

Gabrielle Roth's books:  Maps to Ecstasy (1989); Sweat Your Prayers (1997); Connections (2004)