Dance Sweet Freedom

               Gabrielle Roth's 5 Rhythms® Dance

                   with Angela Lord

About Angela

I'm a certified teacher of 5 Rhythms®, having completed the training with Gabrielle Roth in 2011, after a lifetime spent mainly teaching in mainstream education, but also with periods of working in social care and creative coaching.

I found the Rhythms in 1999 - love at first sight!  I'd found a doorway into a different world, a space where I was not only allowed but positively encouraged to dance, and a dance form that was not just for the young, the fit, and the slender.  It changed my life.

My loves are my son and his family, my friends; poetry, ancient places, my birthplace in Central America; the beauty of the natural world, silence, solitude, and the things of the spirit.

But the dance is both my passion and my practice.  In it, I find my body set free, and my heart, mind and soul a greater authenticity, a deeper connection, with myself, with others, with Other.  I feel most fully myself, yet expanded beyond myself.  When I dance the Rhythms, I begin, once again, to become more of who I am.

And teaching this practice continues to lead me down new paths, creative, challenging, and deeply rewarding. 

"Energy moves in waves, 

Waves move in patterns,

Patterns move in rhythms.

A human being is just that -

energy, waves, patterns, rhythms.

Nothing more. Nothing less.

A dance"

(Gabrielle Roth)