Gabrielle Roth's 5 Rhythms Ecstatic Dance

the dance of your life

What is 5 Rhythms Ecstatic Dance?

photo courtesy of Carmen Alvarez Photography

The Rhythms are not a form of dance movement therapy, but they do allow us to express and experience ourselves in an infinite variety of ways - ways both of moving and of being in the world. 

  • In FLOWING, our movements are rounded and grounded, reminding us of our need to nurture and take care of ourselves.
  • In STACCATO, we make shapes and edges, increasing our clarity of intention and expression.
  • Through CHAOS we let go, giving ourselves permission to experience transition and change. 
  • LYRICAL arises from the crucible of Chaos, giving breath to our creative spirit.
  • STILLNESS is the movement that comes when there is nothing left but this moment, this breath, this heartbeat.

Dancing through each Rhythm in turn, we dance "the Wave" - the wave of energy that rises and falls as we dance.

It isn't about learning steps and sequences of movements. It's about practising dancing in these different energy fields, exploring them, and finding our own unique dance within them. And that dance will change and deepen, the more you practise the Rhythms.

As Gabrielle says, "if you put the psyche in motion, it will heal itself". 

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